Park Your RV: Cape Alava, Washington, the Westernmost Point in the Lower-48

02 Aug

If you’re looking for things to flesh out your RV bucket list, there’s no better place to start than the westernmost point of the contiguous United States. Cape Alava is way up north on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and home to bald eagles, sparkling waters, and some seriously huge evergreens.

Hikers and kayakers will have a never-ending checklist to explore; those who want to relax in the remarkable beauty of North America’s only rain forest will never be without a view. Roamers and revelers alike need to pack up the RV and head west. Really far west.

Campgrounds Near Cape Alava, Washington

Ozette National Park Campground

On the northern tip of Ozette Lake, Ozette Campground is only 3 miles from an even bigger body of water: the Pacific Ocean. With only 15 sites and a first-come-first-serve operation, nabbing prime RV real estate isn’t guaranteed. But if you’re lucky… well, let’s just say you’re lucky.

Price: $10

Be sure to: hike Cape Flattery Trail, get a taste of the Olympic Peninsula’s tribal cultures

Hobuck Beach Resort

Located in Neah Bay and butting up against Hobuck Beach, Hobuck Beach Resort is at the very-most northwestern tip of Washington State. The tent and RV sites have beach access and a view of the sunset over the roiling waters and rugged islands way out in Makah Bay.

Price: $30

Be sure to: dip your toes in the Sol Duc Hot Springs, wander through the Hoh Rain Forest

Park Your RV: Cape Alava, Washington, the Westernmost Point in the Lower-48

Mora Campground

A little south (towards oh-so famous Forks), Mora Campground makes up in stunning scenery and a lively community what it lacks in vampires. Rialto Beach is a care-free walk away, and you won’t be able to get enough of the lush greenery of your campsite.

Price: $12

Be sure to: spend your days on Rialto Beach, try to spot a werewolf, try your hand at longboard surfing on Rialto’s gentle waves

Stay Tuned

We head east to see what the other coast has to offer RV adventurers in the coming weeks!

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