31 Strangest Places to Sleep

04 Aug

Road warriors are accustomed to hunkering down in some unusual places. Wal-Mart parking lot? No problem. In a random guy’s driveway? Even better. We can get forty winks anywhere, anytime.

But have you ever stayed in one of these wacky, outrageous, and totally strange locales? From odd RVs and weird RV parks to the just plain uncomfortable, our list of the 31 strangest places to sleep makes dozing off on a park bench seem perfectly normal.

  1. Inside the Amphibious RV
    Amphibious RV

    You’ve been asking for years: “When are they going to make an RV that floats?” For 1.2 million dollars, you can take to the high seas in your Amphibious RV, where you can fish all day from your couch.

  2. With 20 Strangers
    Amphibious RV

    Want to sleep strange? Curl up in this tour bus – it’s like a frat house on wheels. We recommend not being the first person to pass out.

  3. Inside this Crazy Camper
    Weird RV

    Settle down for a nice nap in this camper. It might be bumpy, but getting your friend to pull you along while you snooze in the back is worth the rough ride. We hate to see what happens if he gets rear-ended.

  4. At the Trailer Park Taj Mahal
    Trailer Taj Mahal

    It’s the third wonder of the RV world (right behind Kadie the Cow and Corn Palace. The RV Taj Mahal stands five Winnebagos high and features 8 satellite dishes, 32 lawn chairs and a flock of plastic pink flamingos. Running water coming soon.

  5. At the Flintstone Campground
    Bedrock Campgrounds

    Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Rock out like Fred and Wilma at the Bedrock Campgrounds in Williams, Arizona.

  6. In Slab City, On-Top of Salvation Mountain
    Salvation Mountain

    Salvation Mountain in California is a strangely beautiful (albeit garish) tribute to Jesus. It’s said to be one of the only RV campgrounds left that are completely free.

    Leonard Knight, the eccentric creator of Salvation Mountain, will happily give you a tour.

    Claim to fame: This strange place to sleep was featured in the 2007 film Into the Wild.

  7. In the Buff at the Pines, a Nudist RV Park
    Nudist RV Park

    Think you’ve seen everything on your travels? Think again. Sleep in the buff in a pine bluff at the Pines RV Park. Don’t worry about closing those blinds. Naked is normal!

  8. Next to Yogi Bear in Jellystone Park
    Yogi Bear

    Bring your RV and camp with Yogi and Bobo! Surprisingly, Jellystone Park locations stretch across the country, making them the second largest campground franchise in the United States.

  9. In a WalMart Parking Lot
    WalMart Parking

    Sleeping in the Wal-Mart parking lot is a rite of passage for road warriors. But it’s definitely strange to those who have never RVed before.

    Tip: Most Wal-Mart stores welcome RV overnight parking, and many have security. It is good etiquette to ask the store manager for permission, and don’t rollout the awning or put out lawn furniture: low key is the key.

  10. Where Lord of the Rings was Filmed
    Lord of The Rings

    You won’t be catching ZZZs with Frodo, but you can sleep in the shadow of where Lord of the Rings was filmed, at the Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park on South Island, New Zealand

    That’s not the only unusual thing about this RV Park. It’s surrounded by glaciers, kiwis, kayaking spots and near the highest peak in New Zealand.

  11. Siberia

    Pokrovskoye, Siberia the hometown of Grigori Rasputin. In Siberia you can camp anywhere on the side of the road, but there is apparently lots of trash, and sometimes isn’t very safe. So lock your RV door!

  12. With Ghosts

    Sportsman’s RV Park in Libby, Montana is haunted. “It is said that many aimless souls lost their lives waiting for work at the site, camping in the woods when they could not afford a stay at the Inn. There is also a tale that every spring, thunderstorms bring about the shadowy figure of a ghost that wears a hooded poncho as he floats above the ground.” Boo!

  13. Where the Buffalo Roam
    Where the Buffalo Roam

    Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake, Utah. It’s an island. With buffalo. In Great Salt Lake. The chances that you’ll wake up to a beast that’s almost the size of your RV makes this one wild locale and worthy of our sleep strange list.

  14. At the Feet of a Giant
    Jolly Green Giant

    Take a rest under the protective eyes of Jolly Green Giant. Boondock for 48 hours at the Blue Earth, Minnesota fairgrounds. Wake up refreshed and craving green beans.

  15. At Turn 4: The Daytona 500
    The Daytona 500

    People wait their entire lives to hitch up at turn four of The Great American Race. Bring the earplugs – stockcars whiz by turn four at over 150 miles per hour for 200 laps.

  16. Have Nightmares at Camp Crystal Lake
    Camp Crystal Lake

    Established in Starke, Florida since 1948, Camp Crystal Lake is known for its canoeing, rope climbing and camp counselor slaughtering from a machete-wheedling maniac. One would think being associated with the camp from the Friday the 13th horror franchise might hurt business, but camp directors say attendance only falls a few brief weekends a year.

  17. In the middle of the desert
    In the middle of the desert

    Strange things happen out in the desert in the middle of the night. You’re practically guaranteed one weird experience, whether it’s a UFO landing on your rooftop or meeting the Mafia.

  18. Place with the Strangest Name
    Place with the Strangest Name

    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales. Fall asleep counting letters and counting sheep in the town with the longest place name in Europe. You’ll live to tell the tale. But you will never be able to pronounce the name.

  19. On the Edge of the Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon

    Fantastic views; not awesome parking. Bring a deck of cards because you’re not doing much else when you make it to the top of this Wile E. Coyote cliff.

  20. In a Capsule
    In a Capsule

    And you thought sleeping in an RV was cramped! Wait until you try the Sleep Boxes in the Dubai Airport. These 12′ x 9′ x 15′ walk-in coffins offer WiFi, an LCD TV and nearly enough headroom to stand.

  21. In a Capsule, on Water
    In a Capsule, on Water

    Think you’ll doze delightfully in a capsule? How does sleeping in an oil rig survival pod float your boat? This hotel in The Hague is not for the claustrophobic-aquaphobic.

  22. Sleep Sacred
    Sleep Sacred

    You may have fallen asleep in church before (be honest!), but that doesn’t count. Touted as an “uplifting experience,” the Old Church of Urquhart in Scotland is one sacred place to dream.

  23. Doze Off on the Door to Hell
    Door to Hell

    Bunker down on top of the “door to hell” in Uzbekistan. You won’t need a blanket.

  24. On the Side of a Truck Car
    Side of Truck
    Don’t they look comfy?
  25. While Hunting

    You should decide early on if “hunting” means actively looking for animals to shoot. Or catching a wink while an animal preys on your lunch.

  26. On a RickShaw

    It’s not an RV. But a rickshaw makes a good napping place.

  27. On a SeeSaw

    There’s nothing like a good nap after a hard day’s play.

  28. Inside a Beagle

    You’ve heard of the beagle that snoozes on top of the dog house. But did you know you can conk out inside of a giant beagle?

  29. Inside a Tauntaun
    Inside a Tauntaun

    Check out the light saber zipper! Slice open your favorite creature from Hoth and crawl into the intestines imprint liner.. Now you can finally find out how bad they smell… on the inside.

  30. Inside a Submarine
    Inside a Submarine

    Sack out inside a submarine. It’s pitch black. Pretty cold. Probably boring .The perfect place to sleep!

  31. While CliffHanging
    While CliffHanging

    Don’t toss. Or turn. Just stay completely still.

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