Does Your RV Need a Digital Converter Box?Does Your RV Need a Digital Converter Box?

04 Aug

The switch to digital television has been post-poned until June due to federal regulations, but now is the time to figure out whether or not new equipment is needed for your RV.

Many RVers have expressed confusion regarding the switch to Digital TV; wondering whether the Digital TV conversion will affect them or not and whether or not they need a Converter Box to receive TV using their RV’s antenna. Excel’s goal is to make the miles you travel more enjoyable and television can certainly be a part of this enjoyment. The following article addresses the issues surrounding the switch to Digital TV for RVers.

Does Your RV Need a Converter Box?

If you currently do not have a TV with a digital tuner in your RV, after the Digital TV conversion you will not be able to receive any stations when using an antenna, all you will receive is static (snow) on the screen.

If you are at a campground with cable TV, you will be able to receive TV, whether your TV has a digital tuner or an analog tuner.

The government required that all TVs sold after March 1, 2007 have digital tuners. An RV model manufactured and purchased before March 1, 2007 more than likely will have televisions manufactured before then, thus without a digital tuner and unable to receive a digital signal after June, 2009.

Many RVers are confused by their RV being classified as, “cable and internet ready.” If your RV is said to be “cable and internet ready” this does not necessarily mean it is Digital TV ready. It simply means that the cable and wiring to hook up television and internet were pre-wired into the RV when the unit was constructed.

To find out for sure, locate your RV owner’s manual or owner’s manual for the TV or TVs in the unit; the manual will tell you specifically whether or not your motorhome television is equipped with a digital tuner. If there is nothing in the manual regarding a digital tuner you will need to install a Digital Converter Box.

Digital Converter Boxes are available for purchase at many electronics stores, and super stores that sell electronics, with a price ranging from $40.00 to over $100.00 depending on added extra features.

Digital TV Conversion doesn’t have to be a hassle and the sooner you get your RV squared away with a Digital Conversion Box or determine if your RV is currently equipped for Digital television the sooner you can enjoy RV travels worry-free.

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