RV Travel: Make Road Trips Kid-Friendly and Educational

04 Aug

Traveling with children can be frustrating for adults and kids alike. Parents can do their share in making the time in a car, RV, hotel room, or on a plane go by much faster by planning ahead and providing fun activities for their children: map reading, geography, spelling, manners lessons, word games, etc. There are great ways for kids to partake in educational activities without feeling as though they are in school. Consider the following links for occupying kids time while traveling.

State of Nebraska: Car Activities

This site includes downloadable coloring pages and a large selection of games including highway alphabet soup, back road bingo, the rainbow game, sign finder, cow counter, maze, word search, connect the dots, license plate roundup, city sightings, picture find, and word jumble, all perfect and perfectly themed for the road.

National Atlas: Map Maker

Using this site will allow children and parents alike to be able to create their own maps online, featuring display items including agriculture, biology, boundaries, climate, environment, geology, people, references, and history. There is so much to play with and learn from.

University of Missouri: eThemes: Grammar: Spelling

Here is a comprehensive source for kid-friendly online content, focusing on spelling, grammar, and educational activities.

California Department of Transportation: Kids Page

This page is a great resource with games including find the potholes, Caltrans ‘roadeo’, trivia quiz, bridge designing, travel bingo, an activity book, and educational material on infrastructure.

FedStats: Mapstats for Kids

Links and graphics perfect for educating children on maps and statistics by using games, colors for painting maps, and fun strategy activities: the network challenge, market manager, and data to graphics.

Library of Congress: Everyday Mysteries

This site features fun science facts including random animal trivia, perfect for an educational and interesting drive.

Williamson County Schools: Oak View Elementary: Spelling Games

This site features a perfect kid-friendly game for road trips and flights alike.

U.S. Census Bureau: Fact Finder Kids’ Corner

Kides can easily get information on the U.S. Census and all 50 states with this fun quiz. It also includes quick facts, and information on the U.S. Census in simple words that kids can understand.

U.S. Government Printing Office: Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

A fun and informative guide to the U.S. made specifically for children including basic map reading from North America.

U.S. Department of State for Youth: Where In the World is the Secretary?

Similar to the Carmen San Diego show, this interactive map follows Secretary Clinton as she travels throughout the world. It allows traveling children the opportunity to track their own travels on the map with markers.

Central Intelligence Agency: Kids’ Page

This area of the CIA’s website allows children to play games, use coloring books, and go on code breaking missions. There is world exploration software, and games called aerial analysis challenge and photo challenge.

Penn State University: Take the stress out of family road trips

Another article on fun road trips specifically geared for families of children. With tips such as providing bubbles, puppets, projects and journals, these age appropriate ideas should be a great resource for families on long journeys.

Bank Street College’s Guide to Literacy for volunteers and tutors: Writing Activities

Parents can try out these simple and fun activities. All they need is to give their kids a pencil and a pad of paper. With a little direction and proper encouragement, kids should be distracted for a long time.

North Carolina State University: Activity Guide Ages 5 to 8: Manners Matter

This guide is the perfect outline for parents to discuss manners using age appropriate social lingo with their children. If the kids are a little older, there are tabs for ages 9-12 and 13-19, as well.

Stanford University: Traveling with Children… Things to Remember: Developmental Considerations

Here is a generous resource, with a fantastic reminder checklist for all parents prior to any travel with children.

Walden University: Teaching Kids Manners

Perfect for parents to review when hoping to teach age appropriate manners and etiquette to their children. This site provides a great read for a long trip.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh: Traveling with Children

Here is another great resource for parents to review before, during, and after a trip with kids.

Penn State University: Building Strong Families: Traveling with Kids

This is an article with different travel tips for parents provided by the Better Kid Care Program.

Baby Center: Road Trip Survival Guide

This article gives tips on traveling with children from infancy to 3 ½ years of age.

eHOW: How to Travel with Children

This gives tips on traveling with kids by car and by airplane.

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