RV USA: A Kid’s Guide to US Symbols & American Landmarks

04 Aug

U.S. symbols, historic landmarks, and all other things quintessentially American inspire patriotism and a sense of pride for our great nation. For a kid, there is no better vacation than a family road trip across the US to experience all that America has to offer. Exploring America is a great way for kids to learn about American history and to put them up close and personal with U.S. symbols and historic landmarks. This is a great way to combine a vacation with a fun and educational experience that puts a lot of emphasis on American history and a sense of our country’s origins. This is also a fantastic family bonding experience, a way to get in touch with American patriotism, and something to see, do, and learn instead of just sitting at home during summer vacation. The following article takes a look at some famous U.S. symbols and American landmarks and might just inspire you to head out on the open road with your family!

American Symbols

While America as a country may only be 235 years old, its majestic and captivating symbols have already gained worldwide status as symbols that stand for freedom and liberty. Some symbols like the bald eagle, the flag and the U.S. national anthem are recognized around the world. The bald eagle does not only look strong with its curved beak and its sharp eyes, but it is also the national bird of the U.S. America’s Founding Fathers were excited about comparing their new country to the Roman Republic, which also used eagle imagery in a significant way. The American Flag has 50 stars that stand for the U.S.’s 50 states, while the Flag’s 13 stripes stand for the 13 colonies that defied the British Crown. The Star-Spangled Banner is the U.S.’s national anthem, and its words come from Francis Scott Key’s 1814 poem that described the bombing of Fort McHenry by the Brits. During a road trip, parents can find no better place than to put kids in direct touch with the Star-Spangled Banner than by taking them to a baseball game.

American People

A big part of America’s history has also been the famous and exceptional Americans who have contributed to making the country’s history rich and memorable. Famous American people have been as integral to the history of America as its famous symbols and landmarks. One of the best places to start with famous Americans is the list of famous presidents, some of whom have had a huge impact on the course of the country and really changed its direction. Abraham Lincoln—whom kids can easily identify by his beard—was the first Republican president, and he is credited (as is the Republican Party) with ending slavery through his leadership in the Civil War. Other famous American people are not necessarily people per se, but more like personifications or symbols of America. In the case of Uncle Sam, for instance, Uncle Sam is not a real person, but is represented in pictures as an old, stern man who personifies the U.S. government; Uncle Sam has been used to recruit for the military.

American Places and Landmark

In a country with a huge surface area like America has (3.79 million square miles), there will be a lot of space for a whole bunch of neat landmarks. Famous and impressive American landmarks appear all over the country and in many states, which makes a road trip the perfect way to see all neat sights. Take Mount Rushmore (actually Mount Rushmore National Memorial), which is found as far north as South Dakota, is not only a world-famous tourist attraction, but it also is an ideal way to combine a history lesson with an impressive sight to see. The mountain features a sculpture of four U.S. presidents carved right into the granite rock face: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson. Of course, the most famous landmark has to be the White House, which is located in Washington, D.C., and it is the seat of power for the whole country, if not for the entire free world. Another appealing U.S. landmark to view during a road trip is the famous Golden Gate Bridge out in the West Coast city of San Francisco, which is one of the longest suspension bridges in the U.S. and has been called one of the most photographed bridges on the planet.


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