RVing: Weekend Getaways

04 Aug

RVing doesn’t have to always be in the form of a grand getaway. Enjoy your RV all year long by taking weekend trips whenever you have the free time. Plan excursions with friends, as a couple or with the kids to nearby locales; try a local festival, a close by lake, sporting event or explore a neighboring city.

Any Time is the Perfect Time

Woman driving RV with man reading the map

Summer isn’t the only season for RVing. Spring, Fall and even Winter can be great RV travel seasons. If your RV is winterized it can handle the elements in any location, during any season. Prepare your RV early to enjoy the blooming flowers and early sunshine of Spring on the road; and take a trip toward trees to enjoy the changing colors and falling leaves in Autumn.

Book Tickets to an Out-of-Town Show or Event

For a weekend concert, show or other event in a near by city, pack up the RV and hit the pavement. Enjoy the festivities at night, go sightseeing during the day and enjoy a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Best of all, you won’t pay for two nights in a hotel and you’ll be back in the swing of things by Monday morning.

Family Getaway

One of the best ways to bring a family closer is to travel the open road together. Pack up the family and spend a great weekend at your favorite campground. Or make the trip an adventure and spend the weekend somewhere new. Spend a relaxing weekend with campfires by the lake or make it an activity-filled weekend of miniature golf, bike riding and fishing together.


Your RV is your very own lodge-on-wheels. Pick a lake, river or forest location and experience it just as you would from a bungalow, but through the glass window panes of your very own motor home. Choose a new destination every weekend; you will have all of the luxuries of a cottage, but in a new setting each time and without the lodge fees.

Nothing clears the mind quite like a weekend getaway. Pack up the RV, pick a destination and leave your troubles behind!

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