The Interstate Highway System: A Guide for Drivers

04 Aug

The Interstate Highway system has often times been referred to as the greatest public system that exists. In 1956, President Eisenhower approved the Federal-Aid Highway Act, which has provided a constant stream of construction jobs and an interconnected road system between virtually all of the continental states. The US Interstate government construction funds were allotted through the year 1996. This is the length of time for the construction of all 42, 795 miles of highway to be complete.

The Interstate Highway system has improved the social economics of the US. The system has created and sustained employment for huge number of Americans. It has allowed normal everyday Americans to purchase goods and services through the convenience of the easy to travel roads. The system has opened up the gateway for easy transport of freight carrying goods and services to locations all over the US. This has also in turn caused Americans to become dependent on the system. The highway system has taken the place of rail transportation and this has caused large amounts of congestion and environmental issues.

The numbering configuration for the interstate highways began with the two digit numbers. Here are some key things to remember:

  1. Any interstate with a number 0—10 is considered a two digit number according to this system

  2. Any interstates that end in a 0 or multiples of 5 are major interstate highways that run across the majority of the country.

  3. The even numbered routes are east to west with the highest numbers in the east and the odd number routes are north to south, with higher numbers in the north.

  4. The three digit routes were adopted later and generally form a loop around the main interstates, which are the two digit interstates.

The three most famous interstate highways in the US include the iconic Route 66 or otherwise known as interstate highway 66, US 1, and US Interstate 30 or Lincoln’s Highway. The Adopt a Highway program was introduced to promote the sponsorship of a highway litter removal service to keep the roads clean and free of debris. 


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