Top 5 RV Must-Haves

04 Aug

The trip is planned and everyone is excited! Well…almost everyone. A cross-country trip in an RV may sound like an adventure for some, but being out of touch with friends can be a major problem, not to mention having to put up with that annoying little brother or sister for hours at a time. For those who may not really want to hang out with the family, here is a list of the top 5 RV must-haves to ignore your family and survive the week without going crazy.

Gaming System

Bring enough games to keep busy for a couple of hours at a time. Make sure to pack the charging cable too. And it is a good idea to bring extras of any small attachments that may go missing. Games are a great way to have some fun while trapped in the RV with the rest of the family. If possible, bring games that annoying siblings might enjoy and let them play once in a while to keep them happy, and out of your way. This is also a great way to make it look like you are spending time with them without actually having to do anything.

iPad or eBook Reader

An eBook reader solves this problem as it will hold hundreds of books. Plus, new ones can be added along the way! Parents love to see kids read and won’t nag as much about playing with the rest of the family when the eBook reader is being used. There are also games available for many of these devices. Some readers, such as the iPad, can be used to connect to the internet. This connection provides access to Netflix as well as social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Keeping in touch when WiFi is available is no problem. As with all the other devices, be sure to bring the charging cord.

Cell Phone

Make sure the phone has an unlimited texting program. This is a great way to keep in touch, but don’t overdo it as parents may take the phone away to encourage teens to talk to the rest of the family. There is also the problem of service. There are many places between major cities where there is no cell service, so have an alternative option ready to keep busy.


Load up some great songs and tune out the rest of the world whenever needed. Most players are small enough to fit into a pocket and bring along for the family hike or whatever else the parents have planned for the day. Don’t turn the music up too loud though. The parents may decide to take it away to preserve long term hearing.

Portable DVD Player

There is nothing worse than having to watch the same movie that the 6 year old wants to watch again and again. This is also a must even if an iPad is brought as wireless and internet access may not be available everywhere. Bring enough movies to watch a different one each day if possible. Make sure the headphones that work for the MP3 player also work in the DVD player so there isn’t a problem with hearing the movie. This is a great way to relax after a hard day of RV fun.

Other Tips

All of these electronic devices are great and will make the trip bearable, but don’t forget the charging attachments. There is nothing worse than losing power three days into the trip and the rechargers are not often interchangeable. Put all of these extra wires into a small bag so they are together and easy to get at. If possible, bring headphones that block out the surrounding noise instead of standard headphones that don’t. Bring a backpack that zips closed to keep all of these important items close and safe from siblings.

These top 5 RV must haves to ignore the family will help make the trip more bearable, but don’t overuse them. Spend some time interacting with the parents and the rest of the family to keep them happy or they may decide to make it an electronics-free ride.


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