What’s on the Radio? 5 Fun RV Podcasts

04 Aug

Whether you’re looking for entertainment for long hours on the road or to find inspiration for your next asphalt adventure, try tuning into one of the many RV podcasts for tips and tricks from the most seasoned road warriors.

What’s a podcast? Podcasts are digital media files shared on a website or audio store, and are typically audio spoken tracks. Think of it like recorded talk radio, without commercials, and you can pause and play it whenever you’d like. While the iPod lead to the eventual rise of recorded audio tracks, podcasts are not restricted to iPods or Apple products.

Whatever audio device you use, these RV podcasts will give you endless entertainment as you drive off into the sunset.

Top 5 RV Podcasts


5. My RV Life

My RV Life

Barb K. hosts her experiences as a full-timer as she travels the country in her 32′ Winnebago. The “My RV Life” podcast covers everything from RV products and vehicles to RV events. Unfortunately, Barb hasn’t updated her podcast since 2008, but you will still find many hours of savvy RV entertainment that you won’t want to miss.

4. The Vintage Airstream Podcast

The Vintage Airstream Podcast

This bi-weekly podcast hosted by Tim Shephard and panelists Colin Hyde and Rob Baker is the best podcast around for Airstream enthusiasts. Join the VAP for exciting vintage RV talk that ranges from road trips to floor rot. If you’re looking to purchase or repair a vintage Airstream RV, this podcast is a must!

3. Living the RV Dream

Living the RV Dream

Hit the road with John and Kathy Huggins as they bring you into the world of living the RV dream. These full-time RVers started “Living the RV Dream” as a weekly radio show out of Sarasota, FL, and now report their adventures in podcast form when they take their extended trips out West. Tune in for their exciting personal stories and fantastic RV events from around the country.

2. American RVer

American RVer

American RVer is a monthly video podcast, bringing you the best of RV television right to your iPod. You might not be able to watch it while you drive, but each free 20 minute podcast is packed full of entertaining info that every RVer should know. Check out the September episode for an inside look at Monaco RV’s new motorhome design of the Vesta.

1. RV Navigator

RV Navigator

The digital home for RVers. Join Ken and Martha as they spin yarns from their many adventures in RVing. These asphalt experts have traveled to 49 states in their RV, and spend up to six month of every year on the road. They know their stuff. If you have any questions about RVing technology, or you’d like to share your RV travel tips, contact the RV Navigator or call (815) 230-0772, and your comments might make it on the air.

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